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Welcome to Lottery Sambad. To download the lottery Sambad result, please click on The Lottery Draw Time.

11:55 AM 04:00 PM 08:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Result 11.55 am 4 pm 8 pm PDF

Lottery Sambad Daily Result download Today 2020. Click on the link to View and Download Today’s Lottery Sambad Result online absolutely free of cost. On this Website, You can Download the Indian Lottery Sambad result daily.  Here we update daily Lottery Sambad result 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. You can find lottery Sambad results here. The results of  Nagaland State Lottery and of Sikkim State Lottery is given above. Click on the Draw time and see your result.

How to see Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad 2020 this year maybe one of the lucky year for you. Buy daily Lottery and try your luck. Many prizes and lucky draw held on a daily basis. If you have purchased a lottery ticket then you verify your ticket result on our website. On this website, you can check three times results online. 1st time 11:55 AM also known as Morning Result, 2nd time 4:00 PM also known as Day Result, and 3rd time is 8:00 PM also known as Evening Result.

Lottery Sambad result

How to verify your Lottery Sambad Result

At first, buy a lottery ticket from your nearby shop. then visit our website. when the result published we will notify you. download your lottery Sambad result Daily basis. It is very easy to download. just click on Date and a new page will open. then you can download it and View it very easily.

Lottery Sambad timings

You can check three times lottery sambad results daily. below we share a diagram of lottery results.

lottery sambad

Lottery Sambad result morning  11:55 AM

Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM is held in Nagaland. It is also known as Morning Lottery Sambad Result. In the Morning, the First result of Lottery Sambad is declared at 11:55 AM. In India, people are very excited to participate in lottery Sambad games. You can Download Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 AM in PDF file. Moring lottery Sambad result can be found on our site following ten to fifteen minutes after the draw.

DaysDraw Names
FridayDear Valuable Morning
ThursdayDear Love Morning
WednesdayDear Respect Morning
TuesdayDear Admire Morning
MondayDear Cherished Morning
SundayDear Precious Morning
SaturdayDear Treasure Morning

Lottery Sambad result Day 04:00 PM

Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM is held in West Bengal. It is also known as Day lottery Sambad result. 4:00 PM lottery Sambad has nothing to do with Nagaland. We Provide daily west Bengal state Lottery Result in our Website. So, Keep Visit us for Daily Lottery Sambad Result free of cost.

FridayDear Bangashree Damodar
ThursdayDear Bangashree Ichamati
WednesdayDear Bangalakshmi Teesta
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha
MondayDear Bangalakshmi Raidak
SundayDear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
SaturdayDear Bangabhumi Ajay

Lottery Sambad result Evening 08:00 PM

Lottery Sambad 08:00 PM is held in Nagaland. It is also known as Evening Lottery Sambad Result. Lottery Sambad Evening result is the last result of the day. Evening lottery Sambad or lottery Sambad is a very popular lottery in Nagaland State.  people search for this lottery result with various names like Lottery Sambad evening Result, Lottery Sambad Night Result, Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM, etc.

FridayDear Ostrich Evening
ThursdayDear Hawk Evening
WednesdayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
MondayDear Eagle Evening
SundayDear Falcon Evening
SaturdayDear Vulture Evening

Lottery Sambad  Live Results Timing

The lottery result is announced three times in a day. You cannot only once participate in the lottery system. You can participate in the lottery game again and again and increase your chance to become a millionaire. The time and day of the result are the same all around India.

lottery sambad

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List

Lottery Sambad Department organizes lottery in two different names toward the beginning of the day 11:55 AM and night 08:00 PM. The prize cash found in it additionally differs from the everyday.

  • The primary champ will be given Rs 11.8 lakhs.
  • The subsequent victor will get 11000 rupees.
  • The third victor will be given 1100 rupees.
  • The prize cash for the fourth victor will be 110 rupees.
  • The fifth victor will get Rs 111.
  • The solidification prize is likewise kept which is 11000 rupees.

Nagaland state lottery today’s result 

You can download Nagaland lottery result pdf today. Click on the link above to Download Nagaland state lotteries result in online pdf on our website. Nagaland lottery is one of the most popular Lotteries in India. you can check Nagaland Lottery Result on the official website. stay connected to us we will provide you daily Nagaland Lottery Results in daily PDF format.

Sikkim state lottery result 

Download Sikkim state lottery result pdf today. You can Download Sikkim State Lottery Result from above  Link. From here you Can View and Download Todays Lottery result Online. Our team members daily upload daily results as soon as possible. We share the Download option in PDF results on the homepage. Apart from this, the Lucky Draw is also done live on the YouTube channel. Clarify that this lottery is operated by the Government Lottery Department of Sikkim. so, keep visit us for daily lottery Results.

West Bengal state lottery Result 

Check Daily West Bengal State Lottery Result at 04:00 PM daily from Our Website. We Update Daily old Result also. Stay Connect us for the Daily west Bengal result today’s result. west Bengal lottery result is one of the Most popular Lottery in west Bengal. west Bengal lottery result published at 04:00 PM . after publishing the result we upload this result on our website. To download the daily Lottery result please connect us. we are sharing daily results to help for Download today’s Result.

Lottery Sambad Popularity in the Indian States

Lottery Sambad is one of the popular gambling in India. But it is banned in a few states of India. In 2015, the Supreme Court Of India banned Lottery gambling in different states in India. It is available for 13 states. The States are – Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram. But the good news is that anyone who resides in India, can buy Lottery and win prizes. The Supreme Court of India allows all citizens to buy and sell lottery.  Following this order, many of the states legalize the lottery game. Sikkim was the first state who did first this. The chance to win lakhs and crores rupees by spending less the Rs. 50 is one of the reasons for the immense popularity that the lottery enjoys. As of today, a total of 13 states in the country allow lottery draws.

Let’s see the chart in which the lottery is banned and in which state it is allowed by Govt. of India.

Lottery Sambad
Sl NoNot Banned
2 Goa
4Madhya Pradesh
6West Bengal
8Arunachal Pradesh

All the states mentioned above, have increased day by day their revenues with the sale of lottery tickets.

The Legalization of Lottery Gambling in India

Just for the Immense popularity and huge amount of profit by The Respective Government, The Law Commission of India has recommended the legalization of gambling and sports betting in India. But they want to monitor that also and that is why – They suggest linking the activity to Adhaar Cards of individuals to promote secure betting.

Playing the Lottery

The lottery game is very simple and easy. One becomes a millionaire. There are no chances of being cheated by frauds, as you choose the numbers on your ticket, and if those numbers match with the winning numbers, you win huge cash prizes. Most of the lottery tickets are reasonably priced and do not put a strain on the finances of an individual. Depending on your budget, you can buy as many tickets as you want to increase your chances of winning.

Prize Money of Kerala Lottery Result

We can say that Kerala is the Father of Indian Lottery. Yes! Kerala is the first city that had started lottery game in India. After then, It is popular all over in India. Kerala gives a huge amount of money to buyers. One can become a rich person overnight.

Now let’s see the prize money of the Kerala Lottery Result

Prizes for all the winners of the Kerala lottery results are:

1st Prize- Rs 65,00,000

Consolation Prize- Rs 10,000

2nd Prize- Rs 2,00,000

3rd Prize- Rs 10,000

4th Prize- Rs 5,000

5th Prize- Rs 2,000

6th Prize- Rs 1,000

7th Prize- Rs 500

8th Prize- Rs 100

Remember it also depends on the number of tickets.

Morning Lottery Weekly Games :

Lottery Sambad Weekly Game
Lottery GameDayDraw TimeWinning Prize
Dear Loving MorningMONDAY11:55 AM11 LAKH
Dear Sincere MorningTUESDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH
Dear Faithful MorningWEDNESDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH
Dear Kind MorningTHURSDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH
Dear Tender MorningFRIDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH
Dear Gentle MorningSATURDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH
Dear AffectionateMorningSUNDAY11:55 AM11.8 LAKH

Key factors Lottery Sambad

I am sure that you are curious to know, how to increase the chance to win Big Prize Money. Don’t Worry! Here I am to suggest to you. I have given 11 tips for you to increase the chance of winning lottery results.

1.  The very first tip for you is – Buy tickets regularly that will enhance your probability to win lottery prize.

2.  The lottery Sambad night is a game of luck, so if you have not won anything lately do not be unmotivated, your luck may change at any time and in the next draw, you may become a millionaire. The key is to keep playing consistently and without losing enthusiasm.

3.  Don’t take money from others to buy lottery sambad tickets.

4. Don’t ask your friends or relatives to purchase for you. Remember Lottery Sambad gives winners a huge amount of money.

5.  Choose your number carefully. Don’t choose your memorable dates in the lottery by continuously doing that you can lose a huge amount of money. Not only the money also your motivation. Here the motivation is the key to success, not money. If you lost motivation you will say the lottery does not give money. This is a waste of money. But this is not true. we can see in our daily newspaper many of the people became reach overnight by winning a huge amount of lottery prizes. So we suggest you do not lose your motivation by choosing the wrong numbers like date of birth, date of marriage, etc.

6.  Do not go with those numbers which contain a digit double or triple. Suppose one number of that format wins big prize money. But it may not be repeated but many of the buyers give their focus to buy those numbers repeatedly and lose the chance of win lottery Sambad result.

7.  The research you need to do can be done only by seeking the help of a lottery Sambad program. This will give you a system that contains all the information you need for your search for lottery sambad.

8.  For lottery results, you need you to choose the numbers in sequence place the chosen numbers in a box and draw the number order.

9.  Please avoid the numbers that have won prizes before. Many people choose these numbers believing it will bring luck again but that lottery machine never can think, please don’t forget that. This can happen once in millions of times. Please use your logical mind as you choose your lottery Sambad numbers.

10.  don’t buy numbers based on the arithmetic sequence. For example, choosing serial numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,  never worked. lottery Sambad numbers not chosen by machines and very difficult to pick numbers in an arithmetic sequence.

11.  Buy more than one lottery Sambad Ticket and choose different numbers for each time, don’t use the same number again and again. This will increase your chances of winning the lottery Sambad result.

Official Website of Lottery Sambad

We are not the official person and this is not the official site. For an official website – click here

Lottery Sambad Result Names

There are many various names of lottery results all over India. The List is given below :

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nagaland state lotterylottery sambad night
lottery sambad todaylottery sambad result
today lottery resultlottery sambad today result
lottery sambad todaydear lottery result
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nagaland lotterylottery sambad live
nagaland lottery resultnagaland state lottery result today 8pm
nagaland state lottery resultnagaland state lottery sambad
sikkim state lotterynagaland state lottery sambad