Daily Vocabulary Analysis 12 January 2020

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Daily Vocabulary Analysis 12 January 2020

Here you can read Vocabulary words and synonyms, opposite words, make-sentence and meaning very clearly. You can also download PDF File of this post – Daily Vocabulary Analysis 12 January 2020. We have provided a download link at the bottom of the page.

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1.Onset (noun):

  • Meaning: The beginning of something, especially something unpleasant. (शुरुआत)
  • Synonyms: Start, Genesis, Inception, Commencement, Outbreak
  • Antonyms: Termination, Conclusion, Windup, Cessation
  • Example: The drug must be taken from the onset of the infection.

2.Entwined (adjective):

  • Meaning: Closely connected or unable to be separated. (उलझा हुआ)
  • Synonyms: Tangled, Matted, Intertwined, Knotted
  • Antonyms: Separate, Free, Dissociated
  • Example: Our views of leadership are entwined with ideas of heroism.

3.Volatility (noun):

  • Meaning: The quality or state of being likely to change suddenly. (अस्थिरता)
  • Synonyms: Changeability, Precariousness, Unpredictability, Capriciousness
  • Antonyms: Constancy, Permanency, Firmness, Steadiness
  • Example: The government’s policies have only contributed to the volatility of the region

4.Surface (verb):

  • Meaning: Come to people’s attention; become apparent. (प्रकट होना)
  • Synonyms: Emerge, Materialise, Crop Up, Come To Light
  • Antonyms: Cover-Up, Conceal, Suppress, Keep Under Wrap
  • Example: A note of discord surfaced during the leaders’ meeting.

5.Conversely (adverb):

  • Meaning: In the opposite way. (विलोमतः)
  • Synonyms: Oppositely, Contrariwise, On The Contrary, Inversely
  • Antonyms: Similarly, Likewise, Analogously, Equivalently
  • Example: The staff of any organization are its best ambassadors or conversely maybe its worst.

6.Cornerstone (noun):

  • Meaning: Something of great importance that everything else depends on. (बुनियाद)
  • Synonyms: Foundation, Bedrock, Keystone, Mainstay, Heart
  • Antonyms: Auxiliary
  • Example: Hard work is the cornerstone of success.

7.Dispense with (phrasal verb):

  • Meaning: To get rid of or stop using something or someone that you do not need. (त्यागना; अलग करना)
  • Synonyms: Give Up, Relinquish, Dispose of, Forgo, Cut Out
  • Antonyms: Keep, Regard, Retain, Hold On to
  • Example: They’ve had to dispense with a lot of luxuries since Mike lost his job.

8.Seditious (adjective):

  • Meaning: Intending to persuade other people to oppose their government. (विद्रोहात्मक)
  • Synonyms: Provocative, Inciting, Inflammatory, Mutinous, Insurgent
  • Antonyms: Loyal, Devoted, Steadfast, Constant
  • Example: He fell under suspicion for distributing seditious pamphlets.

9.Voluble (adjective):

  • Meaning: (of a person) talking fluently, readily, or incessantly. (वाक्चपल)
  • Synonyms: Talkative, Articulate, Garrulous, Vociferous
  • Antonyms: Taciturn, Uncommunicative, Introverted, Reticent 
  • Example: He became very voluble and told her everything.

10.Entrenched (adjective):

  • Meaning: (of an attitude, habit, or belief) firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change. (अच्छी तरह से स्थापित)
  • Synonyms: Rooted, Ingrained, Deep-Seated, Unshakable, Inveterate
  • Antonyms: Changeable, Provisional, Interim, Indefinite
  • Example: This idea of becoming a doctor had firmly entrenched itself in her consciousness.

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